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is the leading English-language trade journal for the foundry industry with worldwide distribution.

It covers the entire foundry technology for iron and steel casting, as well as non-ferrous metal casting including die casting.
Raw and auxiliary materials as well as questions of quality monitoring and environmental protection are included.
The focus is on technical articles from the practice of plant builders, suppliers and foundries.
Short news about new facilities and processes and important events in the foundry industry complete the editorial offer.

Issue 3+4 (2023)

Issue Highlights:
EUROGUSS 2024 set to be a mirror of the die casting industry

The die casting industry is seeking out the dialogue it needs like never before. The exhibition halls fully booked by around 600 exhibitors for January 2024 make it clear that EUROGUSS, as the leading trade fair of its k...

Innovative software optimizes Maus machines

The Maus CAAT software, developed and patent pending by Reichmann, optimizes machining programs of Maus machines in previously unattained dimensions. Initial tests confirm the software‘s promising potential with cycle ti...

Die lubricant innovations for the latest generation

In response to the shifting landscape of the automotive sector, where demands are pushing for lighter vehicles composed of intricate die cast components, there‘s a notable evolution in production methods. Dr. Mark Cross,...

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